Hello furry world!

Yes! I finally decided to make a blog!

I have many galleries around some websites such as FA, DA, IB, Weasyl, etc, but I usually find it very very very hard to keep those updated, but most importantly, I do not find those galleries useful to showcase:

-works in progress


-random ideas and experiments


So yeah, I will be using this tiny blog to share with you my working process, ideas, and what not. All those things that are behind a finished picture (The one that I usually post at the galleries mentioned above) will be showcased and maybe talked about here.

If you care about my artwork and other things, maybe you can have a look!

I hope you find this site fun, maybe useful, maybe artistic and inspirational too (you know, I love what I do, and I truly believe that love can be shared and transmitted)

That’s all for now! Time for me to get to know this wordpress site thing, how it works and all that jazz.

See you and thanks for coming by!



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