The Doodle Invasion

I am becoming a huge fan of quick doodles! They make me feel as if I was more like an animator XD You know, they give so much breath and attitude to the characters, by only using simple shapes and strong curves.

Here are some of those with Duncan, the fox dude that will be appearing here and there 😉   fox doodles 2

fox doodles 1

I also went and played with the idea of having several planes going inside the picture, since I usually draw pictures with one character in the foreground and that’s it… which ends up with a very flat scene.

These are random pictures, with that thing about image planes in mind 😛

image planes studies

Ahh i love to experiment with color! This picture is a little bit old, yet I like it because of how the color interacts and blends with each other ^^


Recently I began redesigning my long lived character Duncan. An idea of dynamism, animation and fluid design came to my mind, and with it, I began reworking his lines.

Below are some of those explorations, but there will be much more to come!

The goal is to make him more posable, easy to read, and also more interesting to work with!

fox doodles 3

fox doodles 4

And thats all for now! I’ve been willing to scan some of my traditional drawings done in my sketchbooks, but that usually takes more time than what I have available … well, see you later! Thanks for reading this one! 😉



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