Some words on making pictures


I want to make this blog a place for my thoughts and weird ideas, so, expect something else than just sketches and funny pictures from time to time.

What is here written is the way I seeĀ and understand the world (art world) by the time I write it, which means it can change, considering I am a living person that is still learning. Feel free to comment, discuss or anything you feel like, I always enjoy talking about the things I am interested in šŸ˜€

So, let’s see…

The other day I was thinking about how I make pictures, or how I should address them, and came across this weird idea, which may be useful for some, those that struggle at times to get a picture done, or that are stuck somewhere on the art process.

drawing making pyramidThis funny pyramid shows how I think the thought process should be followed, where the MEANING of the picture is the base of it all,a and the way you tell it (GESTURE) connects the TECHNIQUEĀ used to the STORY, giving it it’s MEANING.

(see how it flows from bottom to top to top to bottom)

I often listen that people is more aware, interested or focused on technique than nothing else… Which is annoying and far from what makes a picture a real, interesting piece of artwork.

I believe the story is what holds the entire scene together, and uses the gesture to communicateĀ its meaning, while the technique helps the eye get more impressed by the way it is done by the hand who follows the mind that conceives it.

Yes, it’s hard to develop a good technique, it takes years of practice and studies. Yet, the story comes to the mind as a spark of inspiration, connected to the most human side of the so called artist, to its ideas, memories, beliefs and interests. In a way, that makes the meaning of the picture more powerful, even powerful enough to opaque or ignore the technique which exposes it.

About the gesture, I think of it as the choice that the artist makes to explore the meaning, and let others understand it. It involves the use of fundamental concepts in picture-making, those that are usually recognised among any style; since they build the visual language itself. Basic art concepts such as form, movement, direction, rhythm, even color, are used at this moment to create an understandable representation of the story to be pictured.


crow bird picture concept character

On a practical matter, this pyramid can be used during the creation process to free the artist from redundancy and automatic pictures.

It focuses on first building a meaning: a story that can be told, recalled, remembered, analysed, critiqued or figured out.

The gesture process comes when one wants to explain that story, for which the artist relies on fundamental concepts that travel from picture to picture. Exploration of forms, pictorial languages, compositions, contrasts, colors, lines, etc, helps to bring the story to the paper.

The technique is the moment when one grabsĀ the canvassĀ and makes the piece, when one struggles with the how-to’s of doing certain thing with a tool such as a brush or tablet.

Technique may be the one that takes the biggest amount of time, but are the other two the ones that consumeĀ the biggest amount of effort, commitment and thought process, and are the ones that are responsible of a well constructed picture. A piece that will be remembered, loved or hated, talked about, shared, and the one that will be worth everything.

And that’s about it. It may explain why I spend more time sketching and doing weird doodles and pieces that doesn’t look neat enough to be considered as “cool” by some, but I do believe they are the base of a great picture.

Thanks for reading!



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