Composition studies

Hello! I am back, this time with some bunch of tiny frames intended to study composition and story telling. I am adding some of the notes I made and found during the process, hope they can help someone out there! 😀

Advice!: some of them may be a little suggestive and not for all audiences.


I have been thinking about the image as a sentence that has a subject, and what it is doing (verb). In this way, I can figure out what is happening to who, and work inside the frame to make that clear.

A picture has a focal point, which may be the who of the picture, and then the picture has the rest of it, its surroundings, that can serves as an explanation or exposition of what the subject is doing.


Lets say that you want to tell a story inside a frame. So you use the focal point to begin, and use what is left of the frame to add to that story.


In a way, the composition should lead the eye of the viewer to the focal point and then guide it to the rest of the picture, so the viewer can explore and understand what is going on inside.


Or at least stimulate the viewer’s imagination XD



Maybe with a thoughtful composition, the artist can invite the audience to make up stories, ideas, to push it’s curiosity.

To ask what happens? what happened? what will happen?










Exploiting compositions that move the eye within the picture in an ordered manner; that is, having a logical sequence that builds a story, one can create much more interesting pictures, surprisingly even with less detail and “makeup”.



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