I don’t believe in color wheels anymore

While choosing colors I realised its useless to choose them one by one… tedious, boring and inhuman (in-furry?). Going one by one seems to be a very mechanical process, and ends up making everything look synthetic.

I think it has to do with how color is not easily controlled, which is good, since is not necessary to control it completely, but let it happen.

Just like in nature, light comes and goes, bounces and gets inside things, and makes weird things to color.


I’ve been making these pictures here by thinking about color in a free and fun way, without worrying about each color by itself, but more about the entire feeling of it.

How does a sunny day feels?

How does a morning feels?

A night?


As an artist one can explore how it happens, without trying to control it, since color, coming from light, becomes almost unpredictable. It may be scary at the beginning, since many dirty combinations can occur, ugly contrasts, etc, but that’s part of the learning process :). At the end, you will find unexpected things, very valuable and hard to stumble upon when only choosing colors from palettes.


What one can predict is how it feels, the mood. Is the mood what creates the color! The mood dictates what color is what within the picture.


In this series of color sketches, which includes some weird concept art ideas with motorcycles, I explored some blue/red combinations.


I’ve been so excited with makingĀ Duncan (My furry fox character) exist in a cyberpunk like universe with spaceships, weird technology and what not. Can’t wait to develop much more of the whole idea, and show it to the world!


This one here has very strong contrasts and a blue violet color that really stimulates, right? XD


color concept motorcycle

And these quick doodles came up as starters for what can become the universe of Duncan, and I mean universe since I want to explore space picture making, with spaceships and all!.

And thats it! I wish to make much more color experiments and sketches, so I can share them here, until then, thanks for reading!



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