Picture in process – A cat that can’t be clothed

So, I decided I wanted to make a picture for myself, to have fun, practice and try stuff ^^

-Oselotti is a cat that likes to play and be spontaneous, and also very impatient… That’s why he strips down easily… hahahaha.

Yeah, that line above is serving as inspiration for the picture, these are the sketches so far:


Drawing a little bit more through poses I made this thing here! with some other furries and such ^^

I guess I’ll be playing with the contrast between one crazy naked guy (oselotti) and the other normal people XD


So this is my concept to begin with: conceptwhich has a very symmetrical composition, which I don’t like that much. Time to work with that now.





And here we have the working idea! I found a setting for them, and an activity! They are on a yacht in the ocean (I love the sea, sky and clouds) while playing some card games. Oselotti, being the naughty cat he is, has been playing bad on purpose, just to get stripped as soon as possible! XD

workingidea.jpgYeah, the idea is simple, but enough to work with ^^ I will begin to explore different angles, poses and compositions in rough sketches, just to find the one that fits best the tone and actions inside the piece.
exps1Made these two, but they do not convince me that much, so I went ahead and tried a panoramic format, which made me happy ^^.

ose-picture1-sketchThere. That sketch can be used for further colouring and such.

I think I’ll stop here, since I already reached a nice checkpoint for the piece.

The next post will have to do with the colouring process!! That is usually much more fun than this one 😛

See you!



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