Picture in process – A cat that can’t be clothed

So, I decided I wanted to make a picture for myself, to have fun, practice and try stuff ^^

-Oselotti is a cat that likes to play and be spontaneous, and also very impatient… That’s why he strips down easily… hahahaha.

Yeah, that line above is serving as inspiration for the picture, these are the sketches so far:


Drawing a little bit more through poses I made this thing here! with some other furries and such ^^

I guess I’ll be playing with the contrast between one crazy naked guy (oselotti) and the other normal people XD


So this is my concept to begin with: conceptwhich has a very symmetrical composition, which I don’t like that much. Time to work with that now.





And here we have the working idea! I found a setting for them, and an activity! They are on a yacht in the ocean (I love the sea, sky and clouds) while playing some card games. Oselotti, being the naughty cat he is, has been playing bad on purpose, just to get stripped as soon as possible! XD

workingidea.jpgYeah, the idea is simple, but enough to work with ^^ I will begin to explore different angles, poses and compositions in rough sketches, just to find the one that fits best the tone and actions inside the piece.
exps1Made these two, but they do not convince me that much, so I went ahead and tried a panoramic format, which made me happy ^^.

ose-picture1-sketchThere. That sketch can be used for further colouring and such.

I think I’ll stop here, since I already reached a nice checkpoint for the piece.

The next post will have to do with the colouring process!! That is usually much more fun than this one 😛

See you!



Videogames Players

Hello everyone!

Long time no writing here, but I found some time to make another entry, this time to talk about this commission here!!


It was done for a guy working on a furry documentary. I can’t wait for it to come out 😀

Anyways, for this picture I made some tiny quick ideas to choose from. While looking for dynamism and excitement from the video gaming experiences, I wanted the couple to fit entirely within the frame.

When  did B, it was hard to work with the other ones, since it instantly had what I was looking for. (the tail on B also makes a nice loop aiming towards the other guy’s face)Videogameboys-sketches1

Upon choosing B. I went ahead and designed the scenario better, figuring out planes and perspectives.


The sofa was a little off center, giving the impression of a camera going somewhere else…

At first I was thinking about a dark setting being illuminated only by the lights of the TV. Then I found out the picture was getting to closed in itself and with many walls…

The colouring phase was dressed more as a painting: big color blocks were added here and there, some smudging, some mixing, etc. The idea here is to settle down the atmosphere of the picture: how much light will be in it to build a mood.

At some point I decided to twist the perspective a little bit, making it look more natural but also more dynamic.

I spend a lot of time putting big color marks, without details, just to get the light and contrasts right. Details usually come at the very end.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 4.58.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-22 at 7.04.17 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.08.18 PM

Contrast through value and tone is very important; a useful tool to get the viewer’s eyes to look at where you want them to. In this case I wanted to make a nice play between their faces and the TV, thats why the fox’s paw is pointing at it.


And that’s all for now!

thanks for passing by!


I don’t believe in color wheels anymore

While choosing colors I realised its useless to choose them one by one… tedious, boring and inhuman (in-furry?). Going one by one seems to be a very mechanical process, and ends up making everything look synthetic.

I think it has to do with how color is not easily controlled, which is good, since is not necessary to control it completely, but let it happen.

Just like in nature, light comes and goes, bounces and gets inside things, and makes weird things to color.


I’ve been making these pictures here by thinking about color in a free and fun way, without worrying about each color by itself, but more about the entire feeling of it.

How does a sunny day feels?

How does a morning feels?

A night?


As an artist one can explore how it happens, without trying to control it, since color, coming from light, becomes almost unpredictable. It may be scary at the beginning, since many dirty combinations can occur, ugly contrasts, etc, but that’s part of the learning process :). At the end, you will find unexpected things, very valuable and hard to stumble upon when only choosing colors from palettes.


What one can predict is how it feels, the mood. Is the mood what creates the color! The mood dictates what color is what within the picture.


In this series of color sketches, which includes some weird concept art ideas with motorcycles, I explored some blue/red combinations.


I’ve been so excited with making Duncan (My furry fox character) exist in a cyberpunk like universe with spaceships, weird technology and what not. Can’t wait to develop much more of the whole idea, and show it to the world!


This one here has very strong contrasts and a blue violet color that really stimulates, right? XD


color concept motorcycle

And these quick doodles came up as starters for what can become the universe of Duncan, and I mean universe since I want to explore space picture making, with spaceships and all!.

And thats it! I wish to make much more color experiments and sketches, so I can share them here, until then, thanks for reading!


Composition studies

Hello! I am back, this time with some bunch of tiny frames intended to study composition and story telling. I am adding some of the notes I made and found during the process, hope they can help someone out there! 😀

Advice!: some of them may be a little suggestive and not for all audiences.


I have been thinking about the image as a sentence that has a subject, and what it is doing (verb). In this way, I can figure out what is happening to who, and work inside the frame to make that clear.

A picture has a focal point, which may be the who of the picture, and then the picture has the rest of it, its surroundings, that can serves as an explanation or exposition of what the subject is doing.


Lets say that you want to tell a story inside a frame. So you use the focal point to begin, and use what is left of the frame to add to that story.


In a way, the composition should lead the eye of the viewer to the focal point and then guide it to the rest of the picture, so the viewer can explore and understand what is going on inside.


Or at least stimulate the viewer’s imagination XD



Maybe with a thoughtful composition, the artist can invite the audience to make up stories, ideas, to push it’s curiosity.

To ask what happens? what happened? what will happen?










Exploiting compositions that move the eye within the picture in an ordered manner; that is, having a logical sequence that builds a story, one can create much more interesting pictures, surprisingly even with less detail and “makeup”.


NSFW – Blue Yoshies picture!

Hello there!

I added the NSFW tag here, and will do so at times, when furry artwork or sketches depicted here have nudity themes.

In this case is not exactly nudity, but the scene can be a little bit suggestive for some. In any case, these are just rough sketches that I wanted to share.

I made a picture for a friend, that had to do with two blue Yoshi original characters embracing. I began doing several rough sketches to figure out the poses and the composition.

I wanted to have focus on the embrace itself, so I decided to go for a medium framing and tried to make it look as if slightly from below.


After choosing a sketch, I went ahead and refined it, trying to get a clearer silhouette and shape composition without losing the movement of the characters.

Playing with some values gave me the solution for the background, that needed to be very simple. I choose a sunlight scene, added an umbrella (scene in the final piece) and some clouds and that was it.

These tiny thumbnails help me a lot to figure out how the picture will look like. In here I experiment, paint without fear and just let the stuff happen ^^


These time I used Corel Painter rather than photoshop. The way it blends colors and adds realism to the brushstrokes its unique and very rich!

Here is a small crop of the picture, if you want to check the final piece, you can do so in one of my furry galleries at fA 😉


And that’s all for now! I really loved to paint this one. Had been a while since the last time, and it was very nice to get my hands back on to Painter again 😀 Give it a try if you haven’t done so yet, its very organic and artistic, maybe slow, but the feel of the pieces makes it all worth it.

Have a nice day all of you!


Some words on making pictures


I want to make this blog a place for my thoughts and weird ideas, so, expect something else than just sketches and funny pictures from time to time.

What is here written is the way I see and understand the world (art world) by the time I write it, which means it can change, considering I am a living person that is still learning. Feel free to comment, discuss or anything you feel like, I always enjoy talking about the things I am interested in 😀

So, let’s see…

The other day I was thinking about how I make pictures, or how I should address them, and came across this weird idea, which may be useful for some, those that struggle at times to get a picture done, or that are stuck somewhere on the art process.

drawing making pyramidThis funny pyramid shows how I think the thought process should be followed, where the MEANING of the picture is the base of it all,a and the way you tell it (GESTURE) connects the TECHNIQUE used to the STORY, giving it it’s MEANING.

(see how it flows from bottom to top to top to bottom)

I often listen that people is more aware, interested or focused on technique than nothing else… Which is annoying and far from what makes a picture a real, interesting piece of artwork.

I believe the story is what holds the entire scene together, and uses the gesture to communicate its meaning, while the technique helps the eye get more impressed by the way it is done by the hand who follows the mind that conceives it.

Yes, it’s hard to develop a good technique, it takes years of practice and studies. Yet, the story comes to the mind as a spark of inspiration, connected to the most human side of the so called artist, to its ideas, memories, beliefs and interests. In a way, that makes the meaning of the picture more powerful, even powerful enough to opaque or ignore the technique which exposes it.

About the gesture, I think of it as the choice that the artist makes to explore the meaning, and let others understand it. It involves the use of fundamental concepts in picture-making, those that are usually recognised among any style; since they build the visual language itself. Basic art concepts such as form, movement, direction, rhythm, even color, are used at this moment to create an understandable representation of the story to be pictured.


crow bird picture concept character

On a practical matter, this pyramid can be used during the creation process to free the artist from redundancy and automatic pictures.

It focuses on first building a meaning: a story that can be told, recalled, remembered, analysed, critiqued or figured out.

The gesture process comes when one wants to explain that story, for which the artist relies on fundamental concepts that travel from picture to picture. Exploration of forms, pictorial languages, compositions, contrasts, colors, lines, etc, helps to bring the story to the paper.

The technique is the moment when one grabs the canvass and makes the piece, when one struggles with the how-to’s of doing certain thing with a tool such as a brush or tablet.

Technique may be the one that takes the biggest amount of time, but are the other two the ones that consume the biggest amount of effort, commitment and thought process, and are the ones that are responsible of a well constructed picture. A piece that will be remembered, loved or hated, talked about, shared, and the one that will be worth everything.

And that’s about it. It may explain why I spend more time sketching and doing weird doodles and pieces that doesn’t look neat enough to be considered as “cool” by some, but I do believe they are the base of a great picture.

Thanks for reading!


The Doodle Invasion

I am becoming a huge fan of quick doodles! They make me feel as if I was more like an animator XD You know, they give so much breath and attitude to the characters, by only using simple shapes and strong curves.

Here are some of those with Duncan, the fox dude that will be appearing here and there 😉   fox doodles 2

fox doodles 1

I also went and played with the idea of having several planes going inside the picture, since I usually draw pictures with one character in the foreground and that’s it… which ends up with a very flat scene.

These are random pictures, with that thing about image planes in mind 😛

image planes studies

Ahh i love to experiment with color! This picture is a little bit old, yet I like it because of how the color interacts and blends with each other ^^


Recently I began redesigning my long lived character Duncan. An idea of dynamism, animation and fluid design came to my mind, and with it, I began reworking his lines.

Below are some of those explorations, but there will be much more to come!

The goal is to make him more posable, easy to read, and also more interesting to work with!

fox doodles 3

fox doodles 4

And thats all for now! I’ve been willing to scan some of my traditional drawings done in my sketchbooks, but that usually takes more time than what I have available … well, see you later! Thanks for reading this one! 😉


Second post comes with some colors!

Hello again!

These days I had to work on a couple of pictures for some friends, but before working on those I decided to draw some quick doodles to get ideas for poses.



And this coyote guy that I wanted to develop, seeking a slightly different style and body types from the ones I usually draw.

coyote sketches studies

I enjoy colouring with big brushstrokes, and letting the marks and random accidents build images. Usually when I play with this pastel-like brushes in photoshop, nice color blends and dynamics happen.

oselotti color study

digital pastels, the cat is too yellow here

duncan pastels color

And I think that’s all for now! (A very tiny update, i Know, but now I need to get back to draw!)


duncan darkthur sketches fox

random sketches

Hello furry world!

Yes! I finally decided to make a blog!

I have many galleries around some websites such as FA, DA, IB, Weasyl, etc, but I usually find it very very very hard to keep those updated, but most importantly, I do not find those galleries useful to showcase:

-works in progress


-random ideas and experiments


So yeah, I will be using this tiny blog to share with you my working process, ideas, and what not. All those things that are behind a finished picture (The one that I usually post at the galleries mentioned above) will be showcased and maybe talked about here.

If you care about my artwork and other things, maybe you can have a look!

I hope you find this site fun, maybe useful, maybe artistic and inspirational too (you know, I love what I do, and I truly believe that love can be shared and transmitted)

That’s all for now! Time for me to get to know this wordpress site thing, how it works and all that jazz.

See you and thanks for coming by!